Georgianna Moon waltz

Fiddler Lindsey Smith taught us the waltz Georgianna Moon Waltz. His version is different from the YouTube version as he goes in the lower register more. Lindsey is a very creative, melodic fiddler. Clayton McMichen wrote it in the key of B flat but Lindsey plays it in the key of D.

T: Georgiana Moon Waltz M: 4/4 L:1/8 K: D C: Georgia fiddler Clayton McMichen 1935 S: From playing of fiddler Lindsey Smith P:1 A Bc|d2d2dd|c2A2^A|BAF2D2|A,4AA|! BAF2A2|BAB2=c||^c3c (3BcB|A2A2B=c|! ^c2c2=c2|BAE2EF|G3F FE|CB,A,2CB,|! A,E3E2|A,=F3F|^F3G FE|D2A2BC||! P:2 d2d2dd|c2A2^A2|BAF2D2|A,2A,2FE|! DEF2DD|EDB2BA|G2G2GF|E2B2Bc|! dce2d2|c4BB|A2d2f2|g2g2fg|! fe3d2|B2c2A2|d6-|d3||!