Arrival of the Wren Boys/Leg of the Duck

The Chieftains 1991 Christmas album is my favorite BELLS OF DUBLIN. I've included two of the jigs I've learned from listening to their album: "Arrival of the Wren Boys" AKA "Farewell to Lisheen" medleyed with "Leg of the Duck" AKA "Daniel of the Sun".

T:Farewell to Lisheen (Arrival of the Wren Boys) M:6/8 L:1/8 K:D S:Chieftain's BELLS OF DUBLIN P:1 DEF ABc|BAF AFE|DEF ABc|BAF~E3|! DEF ABc|BAF ABd|DEF AFD|EFED3:||! P:2 dAd ~cAc|BAF AFD|dcB cBA|BAFE3|! dAd cAc|BAF ABd|DEF AFD|EFED3:||! K:A T:Daniel of the Sun (Leg of the Duck) S: Minstrel Banjo tape (Dr. Bill Lightfoot) P: Part 1 cAA BAA|cAA BAE|FBB BAB|FBBB2B|! cAA BAA|cAA BAF|EAAA2B|cAAA3:||! P:Part 2 cde Bcd|cBc AFE|FBB BAB|FBBB2B|! cde Bcd|cBc AFE|EAAA2B|cAAA2B:||!