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From time to time Jane Scott will post tunes for Irish Sessions! For information on the Irish sessions hosted by the Scotts contact them via phone at Gordon's String Music at 850-386-7784 or email them through this website.  The Irish Sessions in Tallahassee, Florida have been on-going since 1992. The First Saturday Irish Session is held at The Warehouse at 706 W. Gaines Street. Local musicians usually gather in the front room of The Warehouse to share tunes and songs in the Irish tradition. The session is hosted by a different Irish band each month.  Players of the genre are welcome. The session starts at 7 with the music going on 'til 10:00 PM. Jane Scott is the contact person for the First Saturday Session. Another Irish session in Tallahassee, hosted by Jim Cox (flute, penny whistle, pipes), is held the third Sunday of each month at the Fermentation Lounge. At the end of each month the Scotts regularly host Finnegan Wake's 4th Sunday Session, 7 - 10 PM, on 5th Avenue in Tallahassee. The local musicians who participate gather at tables in the rear of the pub to provide the trad music that enhances the authenticity of the antique bar that came from the green island. Click on Irish Music in the Top Right to navigate our Music Selection.