Greensleeves Jig/Jingle Bell Jig

These two Christmas jigs are two I put together. The first is usually played in A Dorian, changed to E Dorian. The second is my arrangement of "Jingle Bells" as a jig in G. You can add "What Child Is This" at the beginning in 3/4.


T:Greensleeves Jig P:Part 1 M:6/8 K:E Dorian E/2F/2|:G2G GAB|AFD DEF|GFE EFG|FDB,B,2E|! G2G GAB|AFD DEF|GFE DB,D|E3E3:||! P:Part 2 d3dcB|AFD DFA|efe efe|dBBB2c|! d2d dcB|AFD DEF|GFE DB,D|E3E3:||! T:Jingle Jig K:G P:Part 1 |:D2BA2G|DEDD2D|D2BA2G|EFEE2E|! E2cB2A|FGFF2A|d2dc2A|B3G3:||! P:Part 2 |:BcB BAG|BcB BAG|B2dG2A|BcBB3|! cdcc2c|c2BB2B|B2AA2B|A3d3:||!