What Child Is This?

Include this tune first before "Greensleeves Jig"/"Jingle Jig" (medley arranged by Jane Scott) also in Tunes Section. Chords are included but know that if trying to listen to this tune it will sound different on "playback". You'll notice that Part A is in E minor and Part B is in E Dorian. Thus, there'll be a "c natural" in the A Part and a "c sharp" in the B Part.

T:What Child Is This? P:Part A M:3/4 E2|"Em"G4A2|B3cB2|"D"A4F2|D3EF2|"Em"G4E2|E3^DE2|"B"F6|B,4E2|! "Em"G4A2|B3cB2|"D"A4F2|D3EF2|"Em"G3FE2|"B"^D4^D2|"Em"2E6|E6||! P:Part B K:E Dorian "G"d6|d3cB2|"D"A4F2|D3EF2|"C"G4E2|E3^DE2|"B"F6|B,6|! "G"d6|d3cB2|"D"A4F2|D3EF2|"C"G3FE2|"B"^D4D2|"Em"E6|E6||!