Over the Waterfall

"Over the Waterfall" is Jane Scott's favorite old-time dance tune. An interesting feature of this tune is that it starts in G in the A Part (c natural) and changes to D major in the B Part. I've heard that you can tell if a tune originated in the states because the A Part will be in a higher register than the B Part. Most tunes have a lower A Part and a higher B Part. The A Part has a melodic motif in phrases 1, 2, & 3 that sounds like water flowing down. Recorded with Jane's 5-string fiddle on Track 3 OLD TIME DUETS. Jane plays a harmony part to Gordon's lead on guitar the 2nd time through the tune. The 3rd time through Jane varies it with more ringing strings.

T:Over the Waterfall M:4/4 K:G P:A Part f2a2gfe2|dedBA2de|f2a2gfe2|d3ed2d2|! fefa gfe2|dedBA2AB|c2cc BGA2|G4G4|! fefa gfe2|dedBA2de|f2a2gfe2|d3ed4|! f2a2gfe2|dedBA2AB|c2cc BGA2|G4F2G2||! P:B Part K:D A2AAB2BB|ABAGF2FG|A2d2cABc|d3e fedB|! |1A2AAB2BB|ABAGF4|F2FF EFE2|D3ED4:|! |2A3A B2BB|ABAFD4|F4 EFE2|D4-D4||