Big Scioty/Sandy River Belle

The first tune in this medley we learned from Miriam Wyman and Matt Catalano, Gordon's nephew. As we learned "Big Scioty" from Matt we play it differently from the local Tallahassee players.  There are various versions of "Sandy River Belle", a West Virginian tune. But, this is the version Gordon Scott plays and it's catchier than some of the other versions Jane has found.

T:Big Scioty M:4/4 L:1/8 K:G P:Part 1 |:(3DEF|G2G2AGAc|BAG2-G2(3DEF|G2GG AGAc|BAGBA2(3DEF|! G2GAB2d2|edege2ef|gfed BAFD|[G,6G6]:||! P:Part 2 |:g2ga bag2|a3ba4|a2aba2g2|e3ge2de-|! e2)ef gfed|e3ge2ef|gfed BAFD|G3AG4:||! T:Sandy River Belle M:4/4 L:1/8 K:G S: From Gordon Scott's banjo playing P:Part 1 |:DDEDG3A|BABde2d2|DDEDG3A|BGAGE4|! DDEDG3A|BABde2d2|g2gge2d2|edBGA2G2:||! P:Part 2 |:g2gge2d2|b2bba2g2|gagde2d2|edBGA2G2|! g3ge2d2|b2bga2g2|gagde2d2|edBGA2G2:||