Pipe on the Hob

Tallahassee has been a sister city with Sligo, Ireland since 1995. Since that time we've had many cultural exchanges. Among the musicians to visit Tallahassee were fiddler Des Collis and box player Michael O'Brien. Jane thought the Sligo setting of "Pipe on the Hob" that Des and Michael played was much more interesting than the setting on thesession.org. Hope you enjoy it!

T:Pipe on the Hob M:6/8 L:1/8 K:D Mixolydian S:Fiddler Des Collis and box player Michael O'Brien P:Part 1 |:dfdA2G|FADD3|EDE cBc|EDD DFA|! dcB cBA|BAG AFD|EDE cBc|EDDD3:||! P:Part 2 |:{fa}f2d d^cd|f2d d^cd|edB =cBc|ede age|! |1{fa}f2d d^cd|f2d d^cd|edB =cag|ed^cd2e:||! |2fed gfe|agf bag|fed eag|ed^cd3||