Johnny Don't Get Drunk

This fiddle tune is for Kenny in Tallahassee who heard "Johnny Don't Get Drunk" at a jam at Sparrow Music Camp. He came and asked me for it. As I didn't get a chance to record it or notate it for him, here it is. Hope to hear Kenny play it some day. Miss Jane

T:Johnny Don't get Drunk M:4/4 L:1/8 K:D P:A. |:fa3a3g|fdecd4|BABc dBAG|FE3E4|! fa3a3g|fdecd4|BABc dBAG|FDEFD4:||! P:B. |:FA2FA2A2|FGABA2A2|BABc dBAG|FE3E4|! FA2FA2d2|BABcd3A|BABc dBAG|FDEFD2D2:||!