The Jig Is Up

I wrote this jig with mixed meters while teaching the Irish Ensemble at FSU in 2003. I recently revised it.

T: The Jig Is Up C: Composed by Jane Scott, 2003 M: 6/8 K: D Mixolydian P:A |:"D"ADD ADD|"G"Bd gf ed|"D"ADD ADD|"C"GA GE DG|! "D"ADD ADD|"G"Bd gf ed|"D"ABd "C"gfe gfe|"Bm"fdB"D"A3:||! P:B |:"D"Add Add|"C"eg c'b ag|"D"Add Add|"C"cd cA Gc|! "D"Add Add|"C"eg bc' bg|"D"ABd "C"gfe gfe|"Bm"fdB "D"A3:||