Irish Music

Tune : An Phis Fhliuch (On Fish Fluck)

In February of this year 2019 an Irish fiddler from Athlone, Ireland, Aine O'Regan, visited Tallahassee. She is a lovely player and shared some jigs (Paddy's Return/The Cobbler) and a particular slipjig with us "An Phis Fhliuch". The slipjig she plays after "Banish Misfortune" was intriguing and I looked it up on It's been recorded by the Chieftains (Chieftains 2), Tommy Peoples (The High Part of the Road as "O'Farrell's Welcome to Limerick"), and by Noel Hill as "Boy in the Bush". It was a favorite slipjig of piper Willie Clancy.

Tune : Fisher's Hornpipe

An often played hornpipe at our Tallahassee Irish Sessions is Fisher's Hornpipe, usually played after "Redhaired Boy".

Tune : Paddy's Return/The Cobbler

We got this particular set from the playing of Aine O'Regan when she visited Tallahassee in the early Spring. These tunes are found in the CCE collection Foinn Seisiun, Book 2.


Tune : Rose of Sharon Waltz

There are two settings given for this waltz here. They are from the playing of Alisa Jones, hammered dulcimer player, on the CD "Old Time Gathering". The second setting has an alternate A Part as well as some minor changes in the B Part. There are other settings for this famous waltz on the site. That site considers the 1975 recording of Howard "Howdy" Forrester to be the ultimate source. According to this site it was also in the repertoire of fiddler Hiram Stamper, one of my favorite fiddlers. It's also published in Vol.

Tune : New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve was written by accordion player Paddy O'Brien of Co. Tipperary Ireland and comes from a book called The Definitive Collection of the Music of Paddy O'Brien 1922-1991 compiled by his daughter Eileen O'Brien, fiddler. Published by the Arts Council of Ireland.

Tune : Woods' Hornpipe

Recently Bob Murphy sent me 4 Discs of recordings of our friend Ed Keeney, an Irish fiddler from Co. Donegal R.I.P. Years ago in 1996 I was awarded an apprenticeship by the Florida Folklife Division to study Irish fiddling with Ed. It was an experience that changed my life for Eddie taught Gordon and I so much about Irish traditional music and gave us many enjoyable playing experiences. My husband Gordon Scott and I began to play sessions, festivals, and party jobs with Ed. He taught us so many great tunes.

Tune : The Brown Chest/The Flowing Tide

The second hornpipe is from Chicago fiddler Una McGlew. Hope she's doing well!

Tune : The Jig Is Up

I wrote this jig with mixed meters while teaching the Irish Ensemble at FSU in 2003. I recently revised it.

Tune : Washington's March

"Washington's March" is a tune recorded by West Virginia, East Kentucky fiddler Edden Hammons on the Smithsonian recording Edden Hammons Vol. 1. The Hammons family were all musical but Edden was the prodigy. Gordon Scott became fascinated with the tune, learned it, and taught it to me. A friend recently asked if I knew the tune. He'd heard a recording of an Irish band called The Immigrants. It's available on but this version is more like how Edden Hammons played it. I've included two settings and Edden played it differently every time through on his recording.

Tune : Sinead's Waltz

Gordon Scott wrote this waltz for his wife Jane who he calls Sinead.


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