Rose of Sharon Waltz

There are two settings given for this waltz here. They are from the playing of Alisa Jones, hammered dulcimer player, on the CD "Old Time Gathering". The second setting has an alternate A Part as well as some minor changes in the B Part. There are other settings for this famous waltz on the site. That site considers the 1975 recording of Howard "Howdy" Forrester to be the ultimate source. According to this site it was also in the repertoire of fiddler Hiram Stamper, one of my favorite fiddlers. It's also published in Vol. 2 of The Phillips Collection of Traditional American Fiddle Tunes published by Mel Bay MB95078 and in The Waltz Book II collected and edited by Bill Matthiesen as "Rosebud of Allanvale". It was written by Scottish fiddler James Scott Skinner as "The Rosebud of Allenvale" and published in the 1920's in The Cairngnon Series #9 London/Glasgow. It is also sometimes referred to as "Rose of Allendale". There are other publishings of this beautiful waltz but I had these publications on hand to refer to in my personal fiddle book collections. The Song of Songs or the Song of Solomon in the Old Testament Chapter 2, Verse 1 is where we read of "I am the rose of Sharon, the lily of the valley." Sharon is a fertile plain in Israel.


T: Rose of Sharon Waltz S: CD "Old Time Gathering" Alisa Jones, Ron Wall, Mark Howard C: J. Scott Skinner as The Rosebud of Allenvale M:3/4 L:1'8 K:A Part P:A: Setting 1 C EA|:"A"c4c2|"E"B3E cd|"A"c2A2ED|"A"C3E Ac|"D"d3e f2|! "A"e2A2dc|"E"B4-Bc|"E"B3G cB|"A"c4cB|"A"A2B2c2|"D"d2e2=f2|! "D"^f2g2a2|"A"e2A2d2|"E"c3d cB|"A"A4-AB|1"A"A3E AB:|2"A"A3e cd||! P:B Part "A"e4f=g|"A"f3A fe|"D"d6|"D"d3Ad2|"B7"f4ga|"B7"g4f2|"E"e6|! "E"e2f2g2|"A"a2e2c2|"A"A3A Bc|"D"d2e2=f2|"D"^f2g2a2|"A"e2A2d2|! "E"c3d cB|"A"A4AB|1"A"A3Ec2:||2"A"A3||3 "Ending only-A"A2c2e2|a6||! T:Rose of Sharon M:3/4 L:1/8 P:A Part Setting 2 AB||:"A"c4c2|"E"B3cd2|"A"c2A4-|"A"A2B2c2|"D"d3ef2|"A"eA3c2|! "E"B4-Bc|"E"B4B2|"A"c4cB|"A"A2B2c2|"D"d2e2=f2|"D"^f2g2a2|! "A"e2c3d|"E"c3d cB|"A"A4-AB|1"A"A3E AB:||2"A"A3e cd||! P:B Part "A"e4f=g|"A"f3g fe|"D"d6|"D"d3Ad2|"B7"f4ga|"B7"g4f2|"E"e6|! "E"e2f2g2|"A"a2e2c2|"A"A3A Bc|"D"d2e2=f2|"D"^f2g2a2|"A"e2c3d|! "E"c3d cB|"A"A4AB|1"A"A4c2:||2"A"A4||3 "Ending only-A"A2c2e2|a6||!