Woods' Hornpipe

Recently Bob Murphy sent me 4 Discs of recordings of our friend Ed Keeney, an Irish fiddler from Co. Donegal R.I.P. Years ago in 1996 I was awarded an apprenticeship by the Florida Folklife Division to study Irish fiddling with Ed. It was an experience that changed my life for Eddie taught Gordon and I so much about Irish traditional music and gave us many enjoyable playing experiences. My husband Gordon Scott and I began to play sessions, festivals, and party jobs with Ed. He taught us so many great tunes. This tune that I found on Track 9 of Disc 1 of Ed's fiddling is a tune that I had not heard before and that I cannot locate on thesession.org or so far not in any of the tune books I have. It's a great tune and I'd like to share it with those who knew Ed or heard of Ed's fiddling. He called it "Woods Hornpipe" but I'm not sure that's the title. If anyone recognizes this tune and knows it by another title, please contact me through the contact link on this website.

Jane Wells Scott, fiddler

T:Woods' Hornpipe S:From fiddler Ed Keeney, a Donegal man M:4/4 L:1/8 K:G P:Part A |:DC|B,DGB dedB|cdecA2dc|BcdBG2BG|FGAFD3C|! B,DGB dedB|cdecA2dc|BdGB AcFA|G2G2G2:||! P:Part B |:Bc|dBgd bagf|e^def agfe|edcB cBAG|FGAFD2Bc|! dBgd bagf|e^def agfe|1dgfe dcBA|G2G2G2:||2d2g2 (3ABc FA|G2G2G2||!