Paddy on the Railway

Paddy on the Railway

Verse 1: In eighteen hundred and forty-one,  I put me corduroy breeches on, I put me corduroy breeches on, To work upon the railway.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Verse 2: In eighteen hundred and forty-two, I left the old world for the new, 'Twas sorry luck that brought me through, To work upon the railway.

Verse 3: In eighteen hundred and forty-three, 'Twas then I met sweet Kitty McGee, An elegant wife she's been to me, While working on the railway.

Chorus: Fil-luh-me-oo-ree-oo-ree-aye. (Repeat three times) To work upon the railway.

The following verses & tune were recently taught at the Sparrow Music Camp at O'Leno State Park. Other verses found in "Sing Out Songbook". Included in Em & Am with slightly different melodies. Taught in a beginning fiddle class (including a cello player), an Irish song class, and an Irish accompaniment class by Jane & Gordon Scott.




T:Paddy on the Railway L:1/8 M:6/8 K:Em P:Verse B,|"Em"B,2E EED|E2FG2E|"D"D2D DDC|B,2CD2B,|! "Em"B,2E EED|"Em"E2FG2G|"Em"G2G"D"A2G|"Em"E3E3||! P:Chorus "Em"EEEE2D|E2FG3|"D"DDDD2C|B,2CD3|! "Em"EEEE2D|E2FG2G|"Em"G2G"D"A2G|"Em"E3E3||! T:Paddy on the Railway K:Am P:Verse E|"Am"E2A AAB|c2Bc2A|"G"G2G GGF|E2FG2E|! "Am"E2A AAB|c2Bc2c|"Am"c2c"G"d2c|"Am"A3A3||! P:Chorus "Am"AAAA2G|A2Bc3|"G"GGGG2F|E2FG3|! "Am"AAAA2G|A2Bc2c|"Am"c2c"G"d2c|"Am"A3A3||