Washington's March

"Washington's March" is a tune recorded by West Virginia, East Kentucky fiddler Edden Hammons on the Smithsonian recording Edden Hammons Vol. 1. The Hammons family were all musical but Edden was the prodigy. Gordon Scott became fascinated with the tune, learned it, and taught it to me. A friend recently asked if I knew the tune. He'd heard a recording of an Irish band called The Immigrants. It's available on thesession.org but this version is more like how Edden Hammons played it. I've included two settings and Edden played it differently every time through on his recording. In the second setting I included the c#'s in the A Part rather than the c naturals as in the first setting.

T:Washington's March M:4/4 K:D S:Edden Hammons Vol. 1 P:A. |:DEFG AB=cA|GBAG FD-D2|DEFG AGFG|Adde dedc|! DEFG AB=cA|GBAG FDDD|DEFG Adfd|1fddAd2d2:||2fdced4||! P:B. |:fdAd fdAd|edcd eg-g2|fdAd fdAd|fdced2d2|fdad fdad|! edcd ef (3gfe|1f4g2g2|ececd4:||2a2g2fedf|edcAd4||! T: Setting 2 Washington's March P:A. |:DEFG ABcA|GBAG FD3|DEFG AGFG|Addc dedc|! DEFG ABcA|GBAG FDDD|DEFG Az fd|(3fed cAd2d2:||! P:B. |:fdad fdad|(3fed cd eg-g2|fdad fdad|(3fed cAd2d2|! fdad fdad|1(3fed cde4|f2f2gfgf|ececd4:||! |2(3fed cd eg3|aAgA fAeA|(3Bcd eAd4||!