Cold Frosty Morning/Cuckoo's Nest/Cluck Old Hen

These two tunes "Cold Frosty Morning/Cluck Old Hen" work together, both in A Dorian, though from different traditions. If you sandwich "Cuckoo's Nest" in between them it'll vary the tonality a bit. Miriam Wyman and Matt Catalano, Gordon's nephew from Ohio, taught us "Cold Frosty Morning". "Cuckoo's Nest" we got from our student, Cynthia McDermott while directing the FSU Irish Ensemble, and "Cluck Old Hen" Jane learned 'cause she thought it'd be an easy one for beginning fiddle students. Jane usually double strings "Cluck Old Hen" for a fuller sound, especially in the lower register, but it's too complicated to notate it the way it's played.

T:Cold Frosty Morning M:4/4 L:1/8 K:A Dorian S:Miriam Wyman & Matt Catalano for "Cold Frosty Morning" P:Part 1 |:EDEGA2A2|ABcde2(DE/2F/2|G2)BAG2D2|GABcd4|! EDEGA2A2|ABcde2AB|cBAc BAGB|AGABA2A2:||! P:Part 2 |:edega2a2|abag ed^cd|edef gfgf|edBde2e2|! A2AAc2c2|dcd2e2ed|cBAc BAGE|AGABA2A2:||! T:Cuckoo's Nest M:4/4 L:1/8 K:D P:Part 1 |:(3ABc|d2dc dfed|(3cdcA2A2AB|c2cB cedc|B2G2G2FG|! AFDFA2d2|fdAFG2FG|1A2AG ABAG|(3FGFD2D2|2ABAG FDEF|D4D2:||! P:Part 2 |:FG|AFDF AFDF|AFAcd2d2|GE=CE GECE|G2GAB2(3B=cB|! AFDFA2d2|fdAFG2FG|1A2AG ABAG|(3FGFD2D2:||2ABAG FDEF|D4D2||! T:Cluck Old Hen M:4/4 L:1/8 K:A Dorian P: Part 1 |:"A"e2ea"G"g2ag|"A"e2ee"G"d2d2|"A"e2ae"G"g2ag|"E"edc2"A"[A4A4]:||! P:Part 2 |:"A"A2AA"C"[c4e4]|"A"A2AA"G"G4|"A"A2AA"C"c2d2|"E"edc2"A"A2A2:||! P:Part 1 |:E2A2G2AG|E2E2D4|E2AEG2AG|EDC2A,4:||! P:Part 2 |:A,2A,A,C2CC|A,2A,A,G,2G,G,|A,2A,A,C2D2|EDC2A,2A,2:||