An Phis Fhliuch (On Fish Fluck)

In February of this year 2019 an Irish fiddler from Athlone, Ireland, Aine O'Regan, visited Tallahassee. She is a lovely player and shared some jigs (Paddy's Return/The Cobbler) and a particular slipjig with us "An Phis Fhliuch". The slipjig she plays after "Banish Misfortune" was intriguing and I looked it up on It's been recorded by the Chieftains (Chieftains 2), Tommy Peoples (The High Part of the Road as "O'Farrell's Welcome to Limerick"), and by Noel Hill as "Boy in the Bush". It was a favorite slipjig of piper Willie Clancy. I listened to Tommy Peoples' unique version today and it is absolutely amazing. He played it in a medley after "Kid on the Mountain". Both these slipjigs have five parts.

T: An Phis Phliuch (AKA The Bridegroom's Delight or O'Farrell's) M:9/8 L:1/8 K:G (D Mixolydian) P:1 |:"D"FGA {B}AFA "C"c2A|"G"BAG "D"FAF "C"GED|"D"FGA {B}AFA d2A|"D"dfe dcA "C"GED:||! P:2 |:"D"d^cd "C"ege =c2A|"D"d^cd faf "C"~g3|"D"afa "C"ged c2A|"G"BAG "D"F/2G/2AF "C"GED:||! P:3 |:"D"FGA AFd AFd|"D"AFd AFd "C"GED|"D"FGA AFA "C"c2A|"G"BAG "D"F/2G/2AF "C"GED:||! P:4 |:"D"~D3 ~D3 "C"~c3|"C"c2B c2A GED|"D"~D3 ~D3 d2A|"D"dg/2f/2e dcA "C"GED:||! P:5 |:"D"d^cd "C"ege "Or c#"=c2A|"D"d^cd fdf "C"~g3|"D"afd "C"ged c2A|"G"BAG "D"FG/2A/2F "C"GED:||"D"D3-D3-D3||