Tom Cat's Kitten

Track 2 on "Old Time Duets", Jane & Gordon Scott's first CD together is Tom Cat's Kitten. It is traditionally a crooked tune that Jane Scott straightened out to be able to play it for a contra dance.

T:Tom Cat's Kitten M:4/4 L:1/8 K:G P:1 g2ggg2gg|g2gge2d2|aaaaa2g2|b2a2g2d2|! g2ggg2gg|e2g2d2B2|G2g2d2B2|AGE2G4|! g2gag2ga|gg2ge2d2|a2aaa2gg|b2(3abag2d2|! G2g2d2B2|d2g2d2B2|G2g2d2B2|AGE2G4||! P:2 "Drone Low G throughout" DEG2G2GG|AGE2G2GG|DEG2G2GG|AGE2D2-D2|! DEG2G2GG|AGE2G2-G2|Bcd2AGE2|GABAG4|! DEG2G2GG|AGE2G2GG|DEG2G2GG|AGE2D2-D2|! DEG2G2GG|AGE2G2-G2|B2d2AGE2|GABAG4||!