Christmas in Florida

In 1987 I copyrighted an original Christmas song I wrote called "Christmas in Florida" By Jane Dowling Wells (Scott). My 5th Grade chorus performed it in a Christmas program and I recorded it on a casette recording called "Remember the Rivers". Gordon Scott (guitar, harmonica, mandolin) went into the studio along with several of my 5th grade students (Vocals: Chris Curles, Wade McKenzie, Jaime Chandler, Casey Hunt) and me on piano. I was Jane Dowling Wells at the time as Gordon and I got married in 1989 when I became Jane Wells Scott. I have the piano accompaniment available at our store Gordon's String Music. Other musicians on our recording were banjoists Ken Baldauf & Mary Cox; congas, Rick Smith, percussion, Paul Johnson. I've got to correct a faulty play-back program. I took out the chords in the notation as it messed up the play-back. Hope you enjoy this song.

Chords to Verse" C////|F////|C////|G7////|    C////|F////|C//C7//|F/C/Dm/C/||                      Chorus: F//G7//|C////|F//G7//|C////|  F//G7//|C//Am//|G11////|////|////|F/C/Dm/C/||

   Lyrics by Jane Dowling Wells (Scott):

Verse 1: Way down in Florida Christmas is near.  Sunshine is gleaming on warm white sand here, Gulf breezes blow while we're down at the pier. Celebrate Christmas, be merry this year.

Chorus:  We're spending Christmas in Flor'da, down where the S'wanee River flows. We're spending Christmas the Florida way. We'll toast to health all the year, Fry fish and shrimp while                  you're here. Remember Christmas all year and be of good cheer.

Verse 2: Palmetto branches 'neath candles so red. Wild sage, seashells, yaupon holly overhead. Walks on the beach and the fami'y well fed. Celebrate Christmas good thoughts in your head. 


Verse 3: In Tallahassee on Christmas Day, Where is the white snow, where is the sleigh? No need for parkas while we're all at play. Celebrate Christmas the Florida way.

T:Christmas in Florida C: Copyrighted by Jane Dowling Wells 1987 K:C M:4/4 L:1/8 "Verse"EE EE2D2E|FF FF-F4|EE EE2E2E|ED CD-D4|! EE EE2D2E|FF FF-F4|EE ED2D2D|CC CC2||! C EG||"Chorus"c4B3A|G2E3C EG|c2c2BA2G-|G4-GC EG|c4 B3A|! GG A C2C DE|FF ED- DC DE|FF ED- DC DE|FF ED- D2C2|CC CC-C4||