Sally in the Garden

The Greasy String Band recorded "Sally in the Garden" on their first CD titled GOOD N' GREASY. This CD is still available and for sale at Gordon's String Music. The band at that time was Lindsey Smith (fiddle), Roger Eudy (guitar), and Gordon Scott (banjo).

T:Sally in the Garden M:4/4 L:1/8 K:A Dorian P:Part 1 |:ABAGE2B2|c2B2c2B2|ABAGE2F2|G2A2B4|! ABAGE2B2|c2B2c2B2|ABAGE2F2|G2B2A4:||! P:Part 2 |:AAB2c2d2|e3fe2e2|AAB2c2d2|edcBA2E2|! AAB2c2d2|e2f2gfe2|a2aba2g2|edcBA4:||!