Christmas Eve (Tommy Coen's Reel)

"Christmas Eve (AKA Tommy Coen's Reel)" is a must to learn and play during the holiday season. Recorded on the "Bells of Dublin" album by the Chieftains, 1991.

T:Christmas Eve (Tommy Coen's Reel) M:4/4 K: G P:Part 1 |:GE|D3E GFGA|B2eB ABG2|ABGE DB,DE|G2BG ABGE|! DB,DEG2GA|BeeB ABGA|BAAB GEEG|ABGEG2:||! P:Part 2 |:GA|BABde2eg|abgeg2eg|a2ge gage|dedBA2GA|! BABd edeg|abgeg2eg|a2ged2BG|ABGEG2:||! P:Part 3 |:dc|BG G/2G/2G BGBd|eg g/2g/2g egdc|BG G/2G/2G B2AG|EA A/2A/2A DFAc|! BG G/2G/2G BGBd|eg g/2g/2g egdg|bgaf gedB|ABGEG2:||!