Kitchen Gals

This is a great old-time dance tune that Gordon and Jane play at local contra dances. It has a great major/minor feel starting out in A Mixolydian with a c# in the A Part and changing to A minor in the B Part.

T: Kitchen Gals M:4/4 L:1/8 K:D C:Reel in A Mixolydian/A minor P:A. |:(3ef^g|a2a2g2f2|efed cAcd|e2f2geba|g2e2e2(3ef^g|! a2a2g2f2|efed cAcd|e2c2efed|c2A2A2:||! K:C P:B. |:Accc ABBB|ABAGE2E2|A3Ac2d2|e4{g}e4|! Accc ABBB|ABAGE2AB|cBAc BAGB|A4A4||!