Deer Walk

This tune is from the seven CD collection Kentucky Mountain Music published by Shanachie Records.This version was recorded from the playing of Kentucky fiddler Doc Roberts.

T: Deer Walk M: 4/4 L: 1/8 K:D C:Reel S: Fiddling of Doc Roberts KENTUCKY MOUNTAIN MUSIC P:A. |:ABde fedA|Bdef gfge|ABde fedf|efecA2A2|! ABde fedA|Bdefg3a|b2ef gecA|d2dcd4:||! P:B. |:A3BA2FE|DEFA dAFD|A,2A,B, =CDED|A,2A,B, =CDEG|! A3BA2FE|DEFA dAFD|A,2A,B, ^CDEG|FD2DD4:||