Pipe on the Hob

This tune version hails from Co. Leitrim/Co. Sligo via box player Michael O'Brien. He came to Tallahassee with fiddler Des Collis and a Sligo delegation. In my tune collection Tallahassee Irish Tune Book I chose D Mixolydian as the key. I could have chosen D Mixolydian for the A part & D major for the B Part as I've done here. Or I could have chosen D major & simply put in the natural signs in the A part & twice in the B Part. Tomas O'Canainn had a term for this in his book Traditional Music In Ireland. P. 30 The Structure of Irish Traditional Music Chapter reads: "A note which appears in both sharpened and unsharpened forms in a tune is said to be inflected, and such inflection is common in Irish music." The other tune on this site that uses inflection is "Over the Waterfall". 

T:Pipe on the Hob M:6/8 L:1/8 K:D Mixolydian C:Jig in D Mixolydian/D P:1 |:dfdA2G|FADD3|EDE cBc|EDD DFA|! dcB cBA|BAG AFD|EDE cBc|EDDD3:|! K:D P:2 |:{fa}f2d dcd|f2d dcd|edB =cBc|ede age|! |1f2d dcd|f2d dcd|edB =cag|edcd2e:||! |2fed gfe|agf bag|fed eag|edcd3||