Carter McKenzie

The reel "Carter McKenzie", written by Prince Edward Island fiddler Kevin Chaisson, comes from my fiddling friend Emily Beck. Emily attended the Leahy Music Camp and was in Kevin Chaisson's fiddle class. She sent me an MP3 of it. A slightly different setting can be found on I like the Bm chord in the A & B Part that adds a bit of color to the tune. It's a clever tune that is both low & high in the A Part.

T:Carter McKenzie M:4/4 L:1/8 K:A P:A. |:F|"A"EAAEA2AB|ceaf "E"ecBA|"Bm"FB{c}BAB2Bc|d/c/B c/B/A BFFB|! "A"EAAEA2AB|ceaf "E"ecBA|"D"{B/c/d/}d2fd "A"ceaf|"E"ecdB "A"cAA:||! P:B. B|"A"Aa{b}aga2ed|cAAc "E"dBcA|"Bm"FB{c}BAB2Bc|d/c/B c/B/A BFFB|! "A"Aa{b}aga2ed|cAAc "E"dBcA|"D"{A/B/c/}d2fd "A"ceaf|"E"ecdB "A"cAAB|! "A"Aa{b}aga2ed|cAce aecA|"Bm"FB{c}BAB2Bc|dBcA BAFA|! "A"EAAEA2AB|ceaf "E"ecBA|"D"{B/c/d/}d2fd "A"ceaf|"E"ecdB "A"cAA||