The Cats of Camazen

At the last First Saturday Session at The Warehouse Pub, The Bothys (formerly Bothy Gals), namely Yvonne and Maddie, played this tune on dualing penny whistles. The melody in the A Part has two longer phrases that wraps around on itself. We looked it up on Here it is with added trebles in the B Part.

T: The Cats of Camazen M:4/4 L:1/8 K:G P:A. |:d2cA BdcA|BGBcd2cA|BdcA BdcA|BGBcd4|! d2cA BdcA|BGBcd2cA|BdcA BdcA|1AGFAG4:||2AGFAG2gf||! P:B. |:e-c c/c/c Gcec|d-B B/B/B GBdB|cABc ABcA|BGBcd2gf|! e-c c/c/c Gcec|d-B B/B/B GBdB|cABc ABcA|1AGFAG2gf:||2AGFAG4||