Bus Stop

This is a tune I learned from Kevin Burke's CD OPEN HOUSE. Recently we played it at the Sparrow Music Camp and I couldn't find it in my personal ABC2 files. So, I looked it up on thesession.org but it was not the version I remembered. After listening to OPEN HOUSE Track 1, it came back. It's a great tune that I'm sure you'll find interesting. In the B part in the 7th measure, I prefer playing F natural then F# in the same measure.

T: BUS STOP M:4/4 L:1/8 K:Am P:A. |:A2eA dAcB|ABcA BAGE|A2eA dAcA|(3Bcd e^f fedB|! A2eA dAcB|ABcA BAGD|(3EFG Ac BAGB|[E4A4][E4A4]:||! P:B. |:a3g edcB|ABcA BAGD|Aaag edcA|de^fde2cB|! Aa-ag edcB|ABcde2dc|BAGF E^FGB|[E4A4][E4A4]:||