Irish Music

Tune : The Cats of Camazen

At the last First Saturday Session at The Warehouse Pub, The Bothys (formerly Bothy Gals), namely Yvonne and Maddie, played this tune on dualing penny whistles. The melody in the A Part has two longer phrases that wraps around on itself. We looked it up on Here it is with added trebles in the B Part.

Tune : Bus Stop

This is a tune I learned from Kevin Burke's CD OPEN HOUSE. Recently we played it at the Sparrow Music Camp and I couldn't find it in my personal ABC2 files. So, I looked it up on but it was not the version I remembered. After listening to OPEN HOUSE Track 1, it came back. It's a great tune that I'm sure you'll find interesting. In the B part in the 7th measure, I prefer playing F natural then F# in the same measure.


Tune : Paddy on the Railway

Paddy on the Railway

Verse 1: In eighteen hundred and forty-one,  I put me corduroy breeches on, I put me corduroy breeches on, To work upon the railway.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Tune : Blueberry Bush AKA Blueberry Jig

This double jig, written by Jane Wells Scott, is a local Tallahassee favorite.

Tune : The Mountain Road

This is a nice single reel. It's one of Gordon's favorites!

Florida Irish Sessions

Florida Session Information listed alphabetically by city

Cocoa Beach, FL:
Nolan’s Irish Pub, (Sunday session, 6-8PM)
Phone: (321) 783-8499
Cocoa Beach, FL… right next to the Dinosaur Store.
Mostly tunes, some singing … the pub and musicians are very welcoming!

Daytona Beach, FL:
MicK’s Tavern
4th Saturday of the Month, 2PM – 5ish
Phone: (386) 238-3321
218 South Beach St.
Daytona Beach, FL
- Instrumental… various instruments, sometimes pipes…

Delray Beach, Fl:
Finnegan’s Pub, Delray Beach, Fl (US1 & Linton) 4 PM
1st & 3rd Sundays 
“Perhaps not a true traditional session. Winter: mostly traditional. Summer: pub songs and traditional. Always fun!” Contact: Marg Chauvin, harpist

Dunedin, FL:
Every 3rd Sunday, 6:30PM – ?
Phone: (727) 736-4994
Dunedin, FL
various instrumentation –

Gainesville, Fl:
The sessions are on the 1st & 3rd Sundays of every month, 4:30-7pm.
Brophy’s Pub
Gainesville, FL
Pub phone: (352) 372-8126
Host: Virginia
Traditional tunes on traditional instruments, pipes included!

Orlando, Fl:
EOWS (Every Other Wednesday Session), 7:30 PM – ?
Claddagh Cottage Pub
Orlando, FL
Pub phone: 207-895-1555
Hosts: Scott & Vicki
Traditional tunes on traditional instruments, pipes included!

4th Sunday Irish Session

Finnegan’s Wake Pub 7 – 10 PM
5th Avenue
1122 Thomasville Rd.
Tallahassee, Fl 32303
Hosts: Jane Scott (fiddle, vocals); Gordon Scott (tenor banjo, mandolin, or guitar, vocals)
Contact the Scotts through Gordon’s String Music: 850-386-7784
This is an open, traditional Irish tune session with an occasional song. The recreated wooden bar, shipped over from Ireland, purveys a true Irish ambience, feeling a bit like a piece of the green island itself. One of the owners, Bruce Moore, usually joins in playing tenor guitar or mandolin and many local players join us as well.

Tampa, FL
Four Green Fields (First Sunday of the Month, 5PM – 10ish)
Phone: (813) 254-4444
205 West Platt Street
Tampa, FL 33606-2313
various instrumentation, usually no pipes




Tallahassee Irish Tune Book available

Jane Scott has recently compiled a new edition of her Tallahassee Irish Tune book. This collection of over 265 tunes are ones that are played or have been played at various on-going Tallahassee Irish sessions. It's dedicated to fiddler Ed Keeney, her mentor and good friend who passed away in 2009. It contains useful information on the history of Irish music, playing in modes, session guidelines, a discography, suggested reference books, an alphabetical tune index, a classified tune index, a key index, and suggested summer workshops.

Check out our new Irish Music section!

From time to time Jane Scott will post tunes for Irish Sessions! For information on the Irish sessions hosted by the Scotts contact them via phone at Gordon's String Music at 850-386-7784 or email them through this website.  The Irish Sessions in Tallahassee, Florida have been on-going since 1992. The First Saturday Irish Session is held at The Warehouse at 706 W. Gaines Street. Local musicians usually gather in the front room of The Warehouse to share tunes and songs in the Irish tradition. The session is hosted by a different Irish band each month.


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